VISION:   Our vision is that Head Start, Inc. is an innovative leader in early childhood education that strives to expand access to quality learning opportunities for all eligible preschool children and their families.

MISSION:   Our mission is to prepare children for school and empower families to support their children’s education.

PURPOSE:   The purpose of the Head Start program is to increase the capacity of eligible children to succeed in school by promoting an inclusive community that …

  • Enhances their overall development
  • Equalizes opportunities
  • Strengthens parent-child relationships
  • Supports and empowers parents to achieve their identified goals

 We accomplish our mission by …

  • Embracing diversity
  • Honoring individual differences
  • Using best practices
  • Seeking to learn and innovate
  • Promoting healthy life habits

 We believe …

  • Parents are primary teachers.
  • Respect for the individual is fundamental.
  • The strengths of children and families should be recognized and honored.
  • Optimal child development occurs when children have access to good nutrition and quality health and dental care.
  • Families thrive when they are supported and encouraged to reach their goals.