About Us

Since 1965, Head Start has been a comprehensive child development program designed to foster the healthy development of young children from low-income families. Head Start provides children with daily nutritious meals and many opportunities for social, emotional, and intellectual growth that can prepare them for success in school and in life. The program also connects children to health care sources and provides vital support services to their families.

Head Start is for Children and Families
  • Head Start, Inc. reports excellent results for children and families
  • Head Start parents are rated above average by kindergarten teachers for their involvement with their child’s education
  • Parents receive help to meet their employment and education needs
  • Head Start addresses problems that threaten children’s development, such as unmet mental health needs, hunger, domestic violence and inadequate health care
  • Head Start provides family literacy activities and children’s books for use at home
  • More Head Start children graduate from high school and become tax paying citizens than low income children who have not attended Head Start
  • Families are strengthened
  • Parents’ skills are enhanced
  • The number of children performing below age level expectations is reduced by 45%
  • Children have brighter futures
Head Start, Inc. Program Information
360 children spend 4 days per week in 22 classrooms at 3 sites:
  • Billings – 272 children; 17 classrooms
  • Laurel – 52 children; 3 classrooms
  • Lockwood – 36 children; 2 classrooms
Approx. 110 Head Start staff members provide quality services:
  • Qualified Teachers and Teacher Assistants in each classroom
  • Registered Nurses (on site in Billings and at rural locations)
  • Social Workers and Volunteer Services Staff with appropriate degrees
  • Transportation Staff with Commercial Drivers Licenses
Additional services are provided by outside professionals:
  • Registered Dietician consults with Nutrition Staff
  • Billings School District #2 provides Special Ed Teachers, Aides, and Speech Pathologists
  • Yellowstone East & West Special Ed Co-ops provide services to children with disabilities
Enrollment Information (2012-2013)
Ethnicity of Children:

66% Caucasian
16% Multi-Racial
10% American Indian
15% Hispanic
2% African American

Family Data:

52% of parents are single
12% of parents have less than a high school education
40% of parents work
12% of children have disabilities
96% of children with health insurance