Policy Council

Policy Council is one of two governing bodies for Head Start.  Holding equal power to the Board of Directors, Policy Council is made up of elected parent representatives from each classroom.  The primary purpose of Policy Council is to assist in making important decisions regarding policies, hiring and termination of employees, curriculum, and budget decisions.  Members may choose to sit on sub-committees pertaining to Finance, Planning, Development, Curriculum, Personnel, Safety, Screening, Interview, and Grievance.  Policy Council members are both the voice of the classroom parents at the monthly Policy Council Meeting and the voice of Policy Council when reporting back to their Parent Committees.  Policy Council members have a broader involvement in the education of all Head Start children.  Members play a role in building relationships between Head Start and the community in which we all live.  Policy Council members strengthen their skills in communication, compromise, and Parliamentary Procedure.  No previous experience necessary!

Jamie Denson
North Park
Classroom 105pm

Vice Chair
Paul Law
North Park
Classrooms 203am/204am

Hannah Ennis
Classroom 9

Jessica Esplin
North Park
Classroom 204pm