Why does Head Start, Inc. need donations?

Without community support, the Head Start program could not continue in the Billings area.  Head Start, Inc. is required to raise donations amounting to 20% of our annual budget each year in order to qualify for the federal grant which covers the other 80% of our budget.  For the 2011-2012 program year we must raise $761,273 in community donations … no small sum. We need the help of many to achieve this financial requirement.

What types of donations does Head Start, Inc. need?

Examples of community donations are:

  • Cash contributions
  • In-Kind donations such as paper, books, educational opportunities & classroom supplies
  • Individual Volunteers
  • Community Partners including dentists, churches, banks, other non-profit agencies, health care providers, colleges and a number of other groups who join with us in serving the needs of our children

In-Kind donations and volunteer hours are assigned dollar values and included in the community donation total.

How do I make a donation?

There are various ways to donate time, materials, and/or money to Head Start, Inc.:

  • Monetary contributions (payable to Head Start, Inc.) may be sent to our main office at: 615 N. 19th Street,  Billings, MT  59101
  • Donations may be made using PayPal
  • In-Kind donations may be dropped off at any of our locations.  Please call us at our main office to find out which items are most needed:      406.245.7233
  • Individual Volunteers and Community Partners may arrange to donate their time by contacting our Volunteer Coordinator from mid-August through mid-May at 406.869.1220 or by sending an email to at any time.

Head Start, Inc. is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization.  Contact your tax advisor to determine if your donation is tax deductible.

If I decide to make a cash donation, where will my money go?

First off you should know that according to a recent study, for every dollar contributed to Head Start, the estimated payback is $7. That is a 7 to 1 benefit-cost ratio (Ludwig and Phillips study in 2007). Investing in early childhood development allows our children to become competent learners as they enter public schools and thus more productive citizens as they grow into adults.

To give you an idea of the resources needed in order for Head Start to continue serving our community, below is a list of current costs:



Cost per Child
1 day at Head Start
1 week at Head Start
1 month at Head Start
1 year at Head Start

$     62
$   248
$   992

Ream of paper—plain white
Music and movement CDs
Classroom set of books
Educational toys (wooden cars, trucks, trains, puzzles)
Art supplies (paints, paint brushes, markers)

$  4
$12 – $  36
$54 – $  90
$30 – $350
$30 – $150

Head Start serves two meals per class period.  Milk is served at each meal.
Milk for a classroom for a day
Milk for a classroom for a week
Milk for a classroom for a month
Milk for a classroom for a year


$    6
$  25
$  99

Family Involvement
Ream of colored paper for newsletters
Refreshments for an evening event

$10 – $12
$30 – $40

Hand sanitizer for a month
Hand soap for a month
Paper towels per month
4 Classroom sets of toothbrushes
Toothpaste for a classroom for a month
Band-aids and medical supplies for a classroom per month

$    5
$    5
$    8
$  15
$  14
$  48

Mental Health
Therapy session for a child
Diagnostic assessment

$  50

Trip to the dentist
Give 36 children a bus ride to & from Head Start each day
Field trip for a classroom

$  10
$  20