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Classroom Helpers
Volunteers are always welcome in our classrooms.  Duties would include playing with children and assisting the classroom teachers.  For more information, please contact Tera Clough at 406-869-1220 or

Join our Garden Committee.  Once a week we will need volunteers to come and water, weed and harvest our Head Start Garden.  Most all of the foods grown are either frozen or turned into fruit leather and dehydrated to use in the children’s meals at school.  Please contact Emily Hannaman for more details at 406-869-1203 or

Germ Annihilators
The second Saturday of every month.
10:00am – 12:00pm
We are looking for groups of 10 or more who will volunteer to come in and help us eliminate the germs that can get the children and staff ill.  For two hours the group will clean all of the toys and surfaces in the classrooms.  Play your favorite music, as loud as you want, while helping to keep our children safe.  For more information about how your group can help, please contact Tera Clough at 406.869.1220 or