Volunteer Opportunities

Become a Head Start Hero to low-income children and families . . .

Can I volunteer at Head Start, Inc.?

Yes!  Volunteers are a vital piece of our program.  We have a great need for volunteers in a number of areas including:

  • Helping in a classroom full of darling 3 & 4 year old children
  • Mentoring a parent by providing an opportunity to job shadow
  • Cleaning, painting, and helping with the general repair of the facilities
  • Sharing a special talent such as music, karate, juggling
  • Donating funds or items of need for our program such as books, paper, etc.
  • Inviting us to your business to share our mission with your co-workers
  • Helping to organize and put on our annual Head Start Heroes Hunt in May
  • Much, much more….

Who can volunteer?

Anyone who has a passion for helping children and families experience a brighter future by raising themselves above the poverty level is a potential volunteer. Each Head Start volunteer must fill out an application form, sign an agreement of confidentiality, and agree to a background check since the safety of our children is our utmost concern.

 Why are volunteers so important to Head Start, Inc.?

 In addition to helping our program run more smoothly, each volunteer’s contribution of time is assigned a dollar value and counted as a donation.  In order for our program to qualify for the federal grant which covers 80% of our operating budget, Head Start, Inc. is required to collect donations totaling 20% of our budget.  Donations of volunteer time help us meet this requirement.

How do I get involved?

 To find out more about becoming a Head Start volunteer, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at (406) 869-1220 from mid-August through mid-May, or send an email to volunteer@billingsheadstart.org at any time.